Reviews about the latest beauty products and trends on the market!

So money is getting tighter for everyone these days, but from hair to nails us ladies want to be as glamorous as ever! I have been a fan of using nail wraps mostly foils in the past and they usually retail around the €12- €15 mark. On a recent shopping trip Myleene Klass Nails caught my eye at a penny pinching €7.00! I decided to give them go..i thought how bad could nail wraps turned out really bad!!

 I opted for a blue and white polka-dot design which looked relatively decent in the package. However, when i got home and put them on the results looked like i had cut up kids stickers and stuck them on my nails. They didn’t break off well at the filing stage and seen as i have relatively long nails i haven’t experienced these problems in the past. This resulted in loads of little bumps around the tops of my fingers (very attractive). That evening after the painstaking hour of applying the wraps i went to bed and woke up to take them straight off the €7 was not worth the embarrassment!


The moral of the story is never buy JML beauty products! I would advise anyone looking for a nice nail wrap for summer to go with Models Own, they just brought out a huge variety of designs in Boots stores and start at €10.00 so won’t break the bank!



This week it seems every brand from Rimmel to Estee Lauder are launching new make-up primers! With so many primers on the market it is hard to understand what the real benefits of each are. From illuminating to skin smoothing, there are numerous types and brands all offering different advantages, so which one is for you? This week I will discuss different types of primers to help you find the primer that is right for your skin type!

  • Tired Dull skin – Illuminating

If your skin is currently dull and lackluster and you want to start beaming into the summer months, then you need an illuminating primer! Illuminating primers are best used when mixed into liquid foundations and give a fresh dewy glow, use a foundation brush for application to give an added airbrushed effect. This should then be followed with a light powder and if possible a cream blush, again adding to the fresh morning glow that you want to achieve with this look. Go easy on the eye make-up, add lashings of mascara and a natural lip gloss. This look can be seen beautifully on the left as worn by Kate Bosworth.

My favourite product for getting this dewy look is Clarins ‘Instant Light Complexion Perfector’. One pump of this light weight primer mixed in with your foundation or worn alone can help you achieve the look shown above. At the price of €27.45 it’s not a cheap option but it lasts weeks as this look is not for the everyday!

This product is available in 3 shades (00,02,03) with the original  (00) being the best to get the look outlined above. However one of the newer shades 03 has a tanned tint which makes it a gorgeous holiday must have, forwhen you already have a tan and don’t need a heavy foundation one pump of this primer makes you look totally glowing throughout your holiday, day and night!

  • Open Pores/ Wrinkles – Smoothing

For both ageing and young woman, skin imperfections can be a cause for concern. Whether it is the beginning of the dreaded crows feet or acne scarring, we all long for smooth perfect skin. If you find you struggle with skin imperfections, especially those that cannot be simply covered with make -up smoothing primers are for you!

These primers can be used to fill in open pores, wrinkles and mask skin imperfections such as rosacea and discolouring. These primers should simply be used over your daily moisturiser and under your foundation and can be applied to either problem areas or the whole face with your foundation brush. Below you can see three of my favourite smoothing primers that suit everyone’s budgets!

L’Oreal Studio Secrets

Bourjois Smoothing Primer

Clarins Instant Smooth

  • Oily/ Combination Skin – Mattifying 

If you suffer with oily or combination skin and dread the mid day T-zone shine, a mattifying primer is the one for you! By priming your skin with a mattyfing base it gives your make-up a matte look that should last all day. This primer should be oil free and applied to the whole face after you have applied a light day moisturiser.

The best mattifying base I have come across is No.7 ‘ Shine Free Make-up Base’ due to its all day lasting power and good price!  Priced at around €14 this primer offers long sufferers of shiny skin some relief.  It also contains light reflecting particles found in most illuminating primers that helps to disguise fine lines and flaws while ensuring a matte finish all day!

This week I have been browsing online for some funky Mother’s Day gifts that combine a ladies love of cosmetics with something cute and personal with an added luxurious treat, and I have found all of these things perfectly combined in Lush’s Mothers Day gifts. Their Mother’s day selection ranges from individual ‘wands’, gift sets and treatment vouchers, so there is definitely something to suit all tastes and budgets!For me the wands really offer something special!!

I love these wands they are so cute and each have a different scent and meaning to your mummy! While the tulip, ‘the mum’ flower and butterfly wands all make bath times a ‘scentsational’ lovely luxury as they add reusable bubbles and fragrance, the washing up fairy is a bit of yummyness added into everyday chores. These fairy’s are reusable wands that can be swished around your washing up water to create an effective washing up product that is softer on hands and kinder to the environment. Although this is a cleaning product it was made with mothers in mind, as the wand stick reads ” Mum put your feet up, I’l do the washing tonight”, Lush hopes this cool invention will encourage others in the household to do the dishes and take the pressure off mothers!

My favourite thing about these gifts is the tags that are attached, not only do they have a lovely mummy message but they also have wild flower seeds encrusted in the card so they can be planted  and watered to make sure your gift is always remembered! Little things like this just echo Lush’s individuality, their Eco spirit, kindess to mother earth and of course the fact they do not test on animals (which is always the biggest plus!!).

These wands can be purchased in their complete scent set or separately. I advise a trip to Lush to chose the wands that would tickle your mothers fancy and why not give your loved one a bouquet that can be used again and again!

So filling in eyebrows has become an essential part of most ladies make-up regime! Whether you want to look like an extra from Desperate Scousewives or just add definition to your brows to shape your face, today i will discuss my favourite saves and splurges in eyebrow innovations.Filling in your eyebrows help those that lack thickness or shape, but also gives the illusion of lifting in the eye area. This can be especially effective for those starting to worry about the creeping in of crows feet!

  • Splurge 

Estee Lauder offer an “Automatic Brow Pencil”,so unlike most traditional brow pencils it does not need to be pared regularly. This not only means you can be extra lazy but you also get a lot more use out of the product as you can use it right to the end. The pencil is also ended with a small brush and this is one of the things I love about this product. It is a really thick slanted eyebrow brush that allows you to sweep it through your brows ensuring the product looks natural . While this pencil is pricey at €24.90 it comes with a refill and once bought refills can be purchased for  a reasonable €11.69, so it is what I would call an investment! It comes in a range of colours for blondes and brunettes, so if you want to splash the cash this might be the one for you!

A new trend in the brow world is using powder instead of a pencil and I for one am a big fan of this approach! I could not live without my Clarins Eyebrow “Pro Palette”  but with at a price of  €39 it would have to be love for most people to purchase. This palette offers a lot for your money it includes three shadow colours for every complexion, a highlighter, wax, mini tweezers, applicator and brow brush. It is a complete brow solution on the go. For me powder offers a much more natural look but is best suited to those just wanting to define their brows, if you have sparse hair it is more beneficial to use a pencil as the powder needs hair to cling to. The highlight powder gives your eyes that extra lift and brows increased definition, a small bit of wax on the eyebrow brush sweeped across ensures your set  for the day!

  • Save

After looking at two of  my priciest favourites we can now all loosen the purse strings and look at two products that suits everyone’s budgets!

 Rimmel’s “Professional Eyebrow Pencil” offers a soft natural eyebrow look for a fantastic price of €4.67.  This pencil has a medium softness, therefore it will last a few months while not burning your eyebrows trying to draw them on! This pencil comes in hazel, dark brown and black, so without a vast selection there may not be a colour to suit everyone. One of the best things about this product is the brow brush attached to the lid. This means you will never be stuck running around looking for your eyebrow brush and you can always ensure perfect brows on the go!

One of my favourite funky brands at the moment Soap and Glory have now brought out their own eyebrow pencil ” Arch de Triumph”. This pencil can be yours for a reasonable €11.00  and gives you both an eyebrow definer and highlighter. Currently there is only one shade available “Taupe/ Buff” which is quite a brownish shade that would suit any brunette. For me the main seller for this pencil is the super soft highlighter crayon that gives great definition and lift. The pencil also comes with handy brow shapers so I would recommend it for those that lack confidence in shaping their brows. However, due to the lack of colours I think it will be awhile before this product is taking the beauty world by storm!

Just remember LESS IS MORE if you look like the picture below start again 😉

Check out for many of these products that currently have 10% off !!

Next week I will look at some of the best Mothers Day Gifts!!


If you have been in Boots over the last few weeks it would be hard not to notice No.7’s new yummy ranges! Not only has the packaging been given an uplift, they also have some great new products with a fresh twist, My favourite being their Beautiful Skin BB Cream.

BB cream or ‘blemish balm’ has been around for years and is current a craze throughout the beauty industry, with everyone from Garnier to Estee Lauder offering their version of the beauty classic. No.7’s BB cream comes for all different skin types that can be seen above ensuring that you have just the right consistency! The product gives a light to medium coverage with an SPF 15.

I am currently using the normal/ dry and find it great for every day wear providing a fresh faced dewy finish. The bad points of this product and like all BB creams is its lasting power! To increase its staying power i use a medium to full coverage powder. By the time i get home after a long day however I do look like I have no make-up on at all! My verdict is its a great product for people that like tinted moisturisers or are running to the shops and don’t want to chance bumping into a hottie with no make-up on, but I wouldn’t be wearing it anywhere important and would not recommend it for those wanting to cover blemishes!

I have heard on the beauty grapevine that the Estee Lauder BB cream does offer good coverage and lasting power, I haven’t tried it yet but it’s next on the list! I will be sure to report back 😉

We’re all guilty of taking a few short cuts in our skincare and make-up regimes to have a few extra minutes in bed or like me just general laziness!However, with the new year comes new resolutions which most of us will have given up on by the end of the month. But fear not ladies today my blog gives a few simple resolutions that you can follow all year long to ensure your skin is at its best throughout 2012.  The recent festivities fueled with food, drink and now the January blues takes it toll on our complexion, but following these simple steps can help bring back a new year glow!

1.Always Remove Your Make-up

My biggest skincare faux pax and many others is not taking off my make-up before bed. If you have been wearing heavy foundation all day, not only will it ruin your pillow cases but can also cause your pores to be clogged leading to spots and blackheads!While another lazy alternative we all use is make-up wipes these are still not the greatest idea. Although they are really convenient when falling into bed they only take off surface dirt and rarely take away all the make-up left in pores, with cheaper brands also being quite drying on on the skin. So start 2012 off by always using a cleanser and toner to ensure a fresh faced glow!

2. Clean Your Make-up Brushes

Make-up brushes come into contact with your products, natural oils present on your face and dust in the air, this creates the perfect place for bacteria to multiply. This grossness should encourage us to wash our brushes but often we forget to, or some of us addicts our in continuous need of our brushes. It is advised that make-up brushes are cleaned weekly, but realistically 2-3 weeks is fine. While pricey brush cleaners are available on the market, my advice is to simply lather them in a soft shampoo and do this at night time so they are fresh and clean for use in the morning!

3. Drink More Water

Most of us are guilty of picking a can of Coke over a bottle of water, but this is not only effecting our waist line but has a harsh effect on your complexion. Many people live being constantly mildly dehydrated, especially throughout January after all the boozy Christmas nights out! Drinking more water makes you feel better inside and out, with the boost in hydration appearing in the glow of your skin.The cold days aren’t going away just yet and all the central heating makes your skin even more dehydrated. Click here to answer a few questions and calculate how much water you should be drinking each day.

4. Healthy Lifestyle

Most of us will want to loose a few pounds after all those crimbo feasts but greasy food, alcohol and other vices such as smoking all take their toll on your skin. As the old saying goes your body is a temple, and what ever you put in definitely effects you both inside and out. Try and cut down take away’s and increase your intake of healthy foods such as lean meat, fish and fresh veg and most importantly get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Next time you smoke a cigarette think of all the lines it is creating around your mouth and it will help keep you away from your next puff.

Good luck with all your New Years resolutions and I hope all my readers have a great 2012!

So today my blog is going to be totally different as I will be talking about men’s products, but all you ladies can appreciate the smell and softness of their skin once they are in action! I will go through some of the best men’s skincare on the market which are perfect stocking fillers for the festive season. Most men today like to look after themselves (even if they won’t admit it) so moisturisers, face washes, shower gels and exfoliators are a great gift for any guy and might be an alternative to the tired tradition of aftershave buying!


Clarins men’s products are a firm favourite of many men, there is a huge range from moisturisers, eye creams, face wash and body wash to name a few. If your guy likes to pamper himself or your just tired of him robbing your moisturiser in the mornings the Clarins men’s gift set for 2011 is perfect. It includes a full size moisturising balm that is perfect for any dry skin, irritations caused by shaving and is absorbed quickly. Also included is a full sized face wash and travel sized serum, shaving foam and after shave lotion. This allows the trial of many products that may become part of a future skincare regime. In my experience most other half’s also love Clarins men’s products as they smell divine after being applied to the skin (take note lads).


Another favourite of mine and a bit less expensive then the Clarins men’s range is No.7 for men. No.7 also have a vast range of products and have even incorporated their famous ‘Protect and Perfect’ range into the men’s range. The great thing about No.7 for men this christmas is that they have a number of gifts that are also on Boot’s famous Christmas ‘3 for 2’ offer.  You can knock some of your other gifts off the list while picking up some No. 7 for men, or pick up three and allow all the men in your life look good for the new year!I have picked my top three No.7 for men gifts below.

No. 7 Shower Regime Hanging Shower Bag

No. 7 Men Shave Gift

No.7 Men’s Skincare Selection

For a closer look at all the No.7 for men’s gift sets available or to pick up your ‘3 for 2’ click here!

King of Shaves

Even more kind to your wallet then No. 7 and popluar among men i know is the much loved King of Shaves. King of Shaves products are found in most chemist’s/ supermarkets and are really effective. They have moisturisers, face washes, shaving foam, razors and their most famous product I am aware of is their range of shaving oils. King of shaves products leave the skin clean and fresh with many of their products incorporating menthol ingredients, leaving the skin feeling really cool. I have  pictured below the King of Shaves products that I know are popular among the men in my life!

Soothing and Cooling Face Balm

Kinexium Shave Oil

Big Night Out Pack

To find out more about King of Shaves click here and check out their really impressive website!And ladies don’t forget their is also a ‘Queen of Shaves’ that makes some great women’s products, so treat yourselves while your there 😉